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Top 6 Cardio Exercise at Home for both Men & Women (2019)

Cardio Exercise at Home for both Men & Women: A cardio workout is an important component for your health. Doing good cardio workout exercises does not require any huge space or equipment You do not have to spend hours at the gym. You can do cardio exercises at home, even if you do not have a huge space at home. Doing cardio workout at home is the best option, you can save your time and money. Doing cardio exercise at home will burn your calories as well as it will boost up your metabolism and will help you in losing weight. Below are some best cardio exercises, which you can easily do at your home:

Top 6 Cardio Exercise at Home for both Men & Women (2019)



Burpees is a full body exercise, which helps in strength training. Doing burpees will strengthen your entire body. Doing burpees can help you in burning 100 calories within 10 minutes.

Requirement for this exercise: A good pair of shoes

How you can do burpees:

  • Stand in a standing position
  • Move into a squat position
  • Jump your feet back, into a plank position
  • Immediately  return into a squat position
  • Energetically,  Jump up into the air.
  • Land up  and immediately, move into a squat position

Jumping Jacks:

Another cardio exercise is  jumping jacks. Jumping jacks are similar to burpees. Jumping jacks is a physical jumping exercise. Doing jumping jacks can help you in burning 100 calories within 10 minutes. No special skills or equipment are required for doing jumping jacks. Jumping Jack is a cardiovascular exercise, it burns a good amount of calories. It also tones your Inner and Outer thighs.

Requirement for this exercise:  A good pair of shoes and a conditioned heart.

How to do Jumping jacks:

  • Stand Straight
  • Hold your arms at your sides 
  • Jump and extend your arms overhead
  • Extend Your Legs
  • Land in the standing position, and
  • Repeat it again.

Jumping Rope:

Jumping rope is the best calorie burner exercise. Jumping rope is one of the best cardio exercises. Jumping exercise can help you in burning 220 calories if you do it continuously for 20 minutes. Jumping rope is available at reasonable price. It require no special skills. Jumping rope helps you in burning belly fat.

Requirement for this exercise: A good pair of shoes, jumping rope and patience.

How to do this exercise:

  • Choose the right rope
  • Hold the ropes handle in your both the hands
  • Step over the rope
  • Use your hand and wrist to swing the rope
  • Stand on your tiptoes and push it back with balls of your feet
  • Repeat it again and again

Mountain Climbers:

Mountain Climbers is a killer exercise and a bodyweight exercise, which helps in burning calories. Mountain climbers is one of the best cardio workout exercises as it helps in burning calories and it increases the heart rate. Mountain Climbers strengthens your upper body and builds up the stamina. It tones your abs and thighs.

How to do Mountain Climbers:

  • Get into a plank position with arms and legs long.
  • Pull your one knee up into your chest
  • Quickly switch it with your another knee
  • Continue to switch knee.

Jumping Squats:

Another cardio exercise is jumping squats. Jumping Squats is a jump training exercise. It increases the heart rate and burns calories. This exercise is high intensity and high impact, it requires strong joints. It improves the circulation and boost up the metabolism. Enhances the power of the leg. Special equipment or training is required for this exercise.

Requirement for this exercise:  A good pair of shoes and happy knees.

How to do  jumping squats:

  • Stand with your Shoulder width apart
  • Do regular squats, suck in your tummy and jump up as high you can
  • Land back on the floor, in a squat position
  • Do 2-3 Sets

High Knee March:

High Knee March is one of the simplest and effective form of cardio exercise. This exercise is a high-intensity cardiovascular exercise. This exercise strengthens your legs, improve coordination and bring flexibility in your lower body. You can burn 100 calories within 10 minutes. High Knee march is one of the best warm up and cardio exercise.

How to do High Knee March:

  • Stand Straight
  • Your foot should be together
  • Lift up you one knee as high you can and raise your opposite arm
  • Quickly, switch up to another knee and do the same
  • Do 3 sets.

Jumping Lunges:

Jumping Lunges is another cardio workout exercise which you can do easily at home. Lunges is an amazing cardiovascular exercise, it also helps in improving the lower body. This exercise boosts your heart rate. It strengthens all the major muscles of the lower body like glutes, quads, hamstring, and calves.

How to do Jumping Lunges:

  • Stand straight. Keep your head and spine erect
  • Jump your left leg forward and right leg back so that you will land in a lunge position
  • Keep changing your leg as you jump and lunge without breaking.
  • Do 2-3 sets of 15.

Try these amazing top 6 cardio exercise at home and lose your belly fat and burn calories fast. Do let us know in the comment section below about your experience with these amazing cardio exercise at home. 

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